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Mapping a Modern Mississippi

Mapping a Modern Mississippi Article - Kelly Walters
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Speed Painting from Artist Night Out 6.4.16

Trip to New Orleans and As I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death

I taught a painting workshop this weekend at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans, Louisiana.  We had a lovely morning of discussing the art of Marie Hull and painting landscapes.  After a delicious lunch at the Gumbo Shop (YUMM) I made my way down to one of my favorite stores, Papier Plume.  This is the amazing store where I buy my calligraphy pens and drawing nibs.  I found a great border nib that I will be using in a drawing this week. I will be sure to tell you all about it.  I am always using the pens and inks for my illustrations and paintings.  

The pens, nibs, and ink from Papier Plume in use on the study for As I Walk Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death.  They have also been used throughout the body of the PopUp show for detail work.  The inks I use are waterproof and can withstand the techniques that I use on wood.


Finishing prep for the June 16 PopUp at the Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson.  My brain definitely feels like my paintings - powered on cups of tea and completely non-functional gears.  The paintings took a drastic turn from what I originally planned to do for the Pop-Up.  I have two large pieces to complete for the show, but one of the pieces will not really begin until the week before the show.  I am teaching a workshop the week of my showcase, and I have planned to have a twelve by fifteen foot canvas for a collaborative piece available that week.  That should be exciting.

This piece will pair with a sister painting, Consanguinity.

Damaged in Transit - Update

Updated painting for the "Damaged in Transit" piece.  I have included two details of the image that may help you to see what is happening in the piece more clearly.  I am still not quite finished with this piece at this time.  Every time I sit away from the panel, I see something new that I want to share with the viewer.  Often I do not see this until I have taken a photograph of the painting.  Allowing myself to step back from the panel and see the image from a completely different viewpoint allows me to see the scene from a fresh set of eyes.

Damaged in Transit

This painting has been one that has been rolling around my brain for awhile now.  I had an image pass through my thoughts one day of a war zone littered with undelivered brains.  I kept seeing this civilization that was not fully formed, lacking brains or a complete physical structure.  Many of my images are about the beauty and complexity of our brains, but this one summons images of the tragedies that can befall them.  This piece has also become to symbolize this out of body experience that can occur when our brains do not behave in a manner in which we expect.

Damaged in Transit (In Progress)
48x48 inches  (4x4 feet)
Wood on cradled panel
for June 16 PopUp Exhibit at Mississippi Museum of Art in Jackson Mississippi

More work completed on the Princess Flying Dragon.  I still have far to journey on this piece before I stop painting.  So many layers of paint.  Next will be the dragon texture and the clouds.